The Magic of Metallics

Metallics. A style that has been around for years. Designers often create metallic pieces for their collections & they look great!

The look stands out & can add edge to any outfit! I have created the below collage to show some of the metallic pieces that have been created by designers.

Burberry Metallics


Yes, I have only used one brand, however I have reason for this.

In their most recent collections, Burberry have been taking their well known trench coats & giving them edge by making them with a metallic colour. Currently Burberry is known for creating trench coats with a twist spicing up runways with them.

Often, you’ll find that metallic pieces are usually shoes & accessories but there is always an exception.

So for now, I’m off!


You Cheeky Monkee

I’m baaaack!

Apologies for my absence! In order to make it up to you all, I have found loads of new ideas for future posts.

Anyway! This post is to let you all know about a brilliant brand called Monkee Genes.

I LOVE this brand! Their products are stylish, affordable, last for years, made from organic materials & range from chinos to different styles of skinny jeans. Below are pictures of a few of their products:

MG B C MG Black J  MG R CMG Blue J

(Copyright of the photos belong to Monkee Genes)

I myself have owned a pair of the black skinny jeans (as seen above) & can only give positive reviews! My pair lasted for 4 years & only broke because of the fact they got caught on something.

I would highly recommend the brand & would love to know your thoughts on their products!

You can contact them at: & can also check out their blog at:

Dweebs are in!

I have put together the following ensemble as it is stylish, casual & affordable!

Dweeb Outfit

The outfit only comprises of two items, however looks great! The t-shirt is from Topman & has been reduced to £10 (bargain)! It has a nice design as it has taken the trend of having one word such as nerd, geek, dweeb, e.t.c & written it in a neat, flicking handwriting as opposed to the block font that is commonly used for these types of t-shirts. There are points on the sleeves which are attached to the sleeve giving a slight turned up look.

The jeans are stretch skinny jeans simply meaning that they are normal skinny jeans just with more give & stretch in the material. As you can see by the photo, they have a nice dark blue colour making them easier to go with all sorts of colours. They are another bargain costing £30.

The outfit works so well together as you can experiment with styles using these items, for example you could turn the cuffs of the jeans up & turn the sleeves up if you were looking to go for a current style. You could also wear both the cuffs & sleeves unrolled if you wanted to try a different current style. I myself, wore the cuffs & sleeves turned up & a pair of low cut converse to highlight the fact the cuffs of the jeans are turned up.

Let me know what you think of this outfit option!

An Afternoon in London

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon with Tasha ( We finished our drama rehearsal did a 40 minute walk to the train station, hopped on the train & headed for London. Luckily, the rain had seized for a while!

After looking in the Platform 9 3/4 shop like the big kids we are, we headed for the underground – The next journey was from King’s Cross to Piccadilly Circus.

After getting out of the underground, we walked up to Costa in order for Tasha to get a drink (a red berry thing if anyone was wondering). From Costa we made our way to the SuperDry & whilst browsing the brilliant pieces, we noticed the following outfit:

SuperDry Outfit

This outfit altogether costs around the £100 mark, but is stylish, simple & is great for Summer (provided we have good weather).

After SuperDry, Tasha & I carried on up Regent’s Street to Burberry (Ahh love it so much!)

We were greeted by the lovely security guard & then began looking at the magnificent items. We scaled the grand staircase to be greeted by one of the lovely shop assistants, whom told us the layout of the store & asked us whether we knew about the “magic mirrors”. I did, however Tasha didn’t so they explained to her that when you walk into the changing rooms & the item is close enough to the mirror, it detects what the item is & then shows a picture of a model wearing it. Despite already knowing what would happen, it was pretty awesome to see the “magic mirrors” work face-to-erm… mirrored face? Either way it was so so cool!

Also, the room where you can wait in is beautiful! It is like an actual living room! (Picture of exterior & interior below)

BurberryBurberry 2

I, like the designer lover/dweeb/nerd I am, had to take a photo of the sign for Burberry (below).

Burberry 3

We began making our way even further along Regent’s Street when we saw another Burberry shop literally a few doors down (GET IN)! The window displays oozed the class & sophistication of Burberry (window displays are below).

Burberry Window Burberry Window 2

Admittedly, the photo on the right (black backdrop) is of a worse quality compared to the photo on the left. I love the way that it isn’t only the outfits that are displaying the trends of black & white by using black & white props & backdrops. Despite the fact it is simple but, the different shapes give the display a fresh look.

We then proceeded up the road & into Juicy Couture. There, we were greeted with friendly staff, a regal looking shop (due to the classic tiled floor & the chandelier) & the bright pink here, there & everywhere. Below is a photo of the interior from one floor up.

Juicy Couture

Tasha & I then plodded up to Carnaby Street – Looked in the boutiques before making a stop at Jack Wills. In there we noticed just how lovely the interior is. Courtesy of Tasha, the below photos are examples of the Jack Wills décor.

Jack Wills 2 Jack Wills

The vintage bedroom look is very effective as it keeps the idea of the brand’s ‘British image’, yet has a fun, contemporary look elsewhere in the shop with the neon lights.

On our way back from Jack Wills, we passed a bright, eye-catching boutique called Aqua (photo below).


The boutique draws attention to itself with the bold colour on the exterior & compliments it with the outfits on display, overall creating a complimentary look.

If you would like to see what Aqua sell, please follow the link –>

The final shop we paid a visit to, before heading home, was Harvey Nichols. I was fascinated by the wonderful window displays & this made me even more eager to go inside (once again, photos are below).

Harvey Nichols Harvey Nichols 2

When initially laid eyes upon this display I felt that it was suggesting what different people may value in the world: Nature (the flowers), fashion (the mannequin), technology & its advances (the cogs, tank & what seems to be a metal arm). What I feel about this display may not be how you feel, so please let me know what you think of the display!

And that was our day!

A Terrific Two Days

Yesterday & today have been a brilliant two days!

Yesterday was my birthday which was so so lovely! I spent the morning & afternoon relaxing & tweaking a few of the aesthetics of ‘h4ving4gir4ffe’. I then went for a meal with some of my family – This was such a nice way to spend my evening!

Today I had my college interview, which despite being nervous, I was VERY excited for. I turned up suited & booted, CV, certificates & portfolio in hand & laptop on my shoulder. Upon meeting the course leader, I showed them my portfolio while talking them through it. I also showed them my CV & certificates. I was then asked about the course & other course related questions.

It seemed that I had impressed them. They said that usually they contacted candidates around a week after the interview to let them know whether or not they have been offered a conditional offer. They said that they would love to have me in their class & gave me an unconditional offer for the course! I was so amazed & instantly took the offer & even now still find it difficult to believe that I was given the place! It feels so surreal to say that I am now officially a fashion display & visual merchandising student! (A fashion student to keep it short hahaha)

Henry’s House of Holland

Ok, so I absolutely love the brand ‘House of Holland’ set up by the wonderful Henry Holland. The brand is quirky, fun & has really stylish pieces. Holland plays around with bright colours & gives different trends a new look.

As a major lover of denim the example piece I picked out from his collections is a denim jacket!

HOH - Tie dye denim jacket

(Copyright of this photo belongs to House of Holland)

Holland has given the jacket a new look by tie dying the denim with pastel colours. This makes the item look fresh, fun & quirky. It has an all over wash to give the jacket to give a worn effect.

If, like myself, you are a fan of denim & pastel colours this jacket would be perfect for you. You can purchase this jacket for £182.00

If you would like to check out more of Henry Holland’s pieces, follow this link –> & if you would like to go straight the jacket’s page, follow this link –>

Made in Chelsea – Amber

Former MiC star Amber Atherton set up the brand ‘My Flash Trash’. The brand is an online jewellery boutique that provides a range of items from established jewellery brands & items from up & coming brands.

Below is an example of the items sold on ‘My Flash Trash’:

MFT - Pearl Swallow Bracelet

(Copyright of this photo belongs to My Flash Trash)

This piece incorporates some of the trends that are currently in. They take the elegant look of the swallow & mix it with the pearls creating a dainty look. It’s yours for £18.00!

If you would like to look out the other pieces available on the site please follow the link –>

Made in Chelsea – Chloe

Former MiC star Chloe Green has a great love for fashion & has been aspiring to create her own clothing line. So far she has successfully created her own shoe collections (that can be bought at Topshop). She recently launched her brand ‘CJG’ & her debut collection of shoes.

Below is an example of Chloe’s collection:

CJG - Peeptoe Platforms

(Copyright of this photo belongs to CJG & Topshop)

The shoes are bang on trend as black suede as well as studs, platforms & big heels are in & are a bargain at £65.00!

If you would like to see more of Chloe’s collection please follow the link –>

Made in Chelsea – Proudlock

Current MiC star Oliver Proudlock started his brand ‘Serge DeNimes’. The contempory brand promises “original, urban t-shirts of the highest quality”.

The name ‘Serge DeNimes’ originates from Proudlock’s love for denim & the below text explains how they came up with the name:

“Denim has been in American usage since the late 18th century. The word comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called serge, originally made in Nîmes, France, by the André family. Originally called serge de Nîmes, the name was soon shortened to denim.” (This text can be found on the about page on the Serge DeNimes site).

Below is an example of one of the t-shirts that can be found on brand’s online shop:

SDN - Cross T-Shirt

(Copyright of this photo belongs to Serge DeNimes)

The t-shirt uses the current trend of having crosses printed onto clothing & not only merged the cross with the initials of the brand but also by merging the initials themselves. This in style t-shirt costs £52.00.

If you would like to see the other pieces of clothing by Serge DeNimes, follow this link to the Serge DeNimes site –>