Made in Chelsea – Caggie

Ok, so I openly admit that I am a big fan of E4’s hit show ‘Made in Chelsea’ & in the next few posts I will be writing about some of the fashion labels set up by current & former members of the MiC cast.

Former cast member, Caggie Dunlop, set her up her own fashion brand ‘ISWAI’. The abbreviation for the phrase “It Starts With An Idea”. Caggie opened up the chance for aspiring designers to collaborate with her in order to create some of the collections. The brand is about “self-expression” On the ISWAI website, there is the following quote:

“Let fashion be a reflection of who you are. Don’t copy
others. You’ll spend your childhood trying to be the
same and your adulthood trying to be different.
So embrace being different now”

– Caggie

The below image is one of the t-shirts designed by Caggie herself:

ISWAI - Caggie

(Copyright of the photo belongs to ISWAI)

This was one of the pieces created for the first collection of the brand & is priced at £42.00.

If you are interested in purchasing any items from ISWAI, you can head to the website by heading to the following link:


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