Dweebs are in!

I have put together the following ensemble as it is stylish, casual & affordable!

Dweeb Outfit

The outfit only comprises of two items, however looks great! The t-shirt is from Topman & has been reduced to £10 (bargain)! It has a nice design as it has taken the trend of having one word such as nerd, geek, dweeb, e.t.c & written it in a neat, flicking handwriting as opposed to the block font that is commonly used for these types of t-shirts. There are points on the sleeves which are attached to the sleeve giving a slight turned up look.

The jeans are stretch skinny jeans simply meaning that they are normal skinny jeans just with more give & stretch in the material. As you can see by the photo, they have a nice dark blue colour making them easier to go with all sorts of colours. They are another bargain costing £30.

The outfit works so well together as you can experiment with styles using these items, for example you could turn the cuffs of the jeans up & turn the sleeves up if you were looking to go for a current style. You could also wear both the cuffs & sleeves unrolled if you wanted to try a different current style. I myself, wore the cuffs & sleeves turned up & a pair of low cut converse to highlight the fact the cuffs of the jeans are turned up.

Let me know what you think of this outfit option!


2 thoughts on “Dweebs are in!

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