You Cheeky Monkee

I’m baaaack!

Apologies for my absence! In order to make it up to you all, I have found loads of new ideas for future posts.

Anyway! This post is to let you all know about a brilliant brand called Monkee Genes.

I LOVE this brand! Their products are stylish, affordable, last for years, made from organic materials & range from chinos to different styles of skinny jeans. Below are pictures of a few of their products:

MG B C MG Black J  MG R CMG Blue J

(Copyright of the photos belong to Monkee Genes)

I myself have owned a pair of the black skinny jeans (as seen above) & can only give positive reviews! My pair lasted for 4 years & only broke because of the fact they got caught on something.

I would highly recommend the brand & would love to know your thoughts on their products!

You can contact them at: & can also check out their blog at:


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