Summer Outfit Option

I have put together an outfit that is suitable for going out & wearing casually in this beautiful weather (touch wood it stays).Summer Pastels

I chose pink & orange as the two colours of the outfit as I feel that both are bright, feel good colours.

I feel that the top is stylish with a nice simplicity about it. It can be worn with a variety of items & will still look good. It is a bargain at £8.00 (don’t miss it) & can be bought by following this link —>

I think the skirt is stylish, unique & eye-catching. The reason this skirt is unique is due to the fact that there are double splits in front. It almost makes the skirt look slightly gladiator-like. It has been reduced in the ASOS sale, making it even more appealing! If you want to purchase this skirt, follow this link —>

As you can see from the picture, the shoes are by the brilliant Kurt Geiger & look fierce! They include all three of the themes that are written across the collage (pastels, lace & studs). They are eye-catching due to the mentioned factors & just generally look amazing! The price of these bad boys? £160.00 & they’re all yours! Following this link —> can secure you a pair!

That’s all from me for now! Stay tuned!


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