Red Sole Appreciation

One of my favourite footwear designers is most definitely Christian Louboutin! He has been creating works of footwear art over the years & have given a new life to different styles of shoe & different trends that have been in & out of fashion over the years! Ranging from platform to flat to wedge to trainer to boot, e.t.c. Louboutin has become a household name stemming from his dream to “create something that broke rules” & make “women feel confident and empowered”.

With the signature red sole, Louboutin’s shoes have a minimum heel length of 85mm in order to give women a more dominant, sophisticated & sexy look.

Louboutin Love

The designs are innovative, eye-catching & quirky that will definitely set you apart from everybody else & with the average price of £395.00 & up, you are guaranteed a fantastic, beautiful product!

If you would like to look at other Christian Louboutin products please click the following link —>


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