My Next Festival Look

It’s that time of year again… GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL!! Thousands & thousands of people make their way to the various festivals year after year with the hope that their day/weekend spent there will include good weather. Even though I myself am not attending the events, I didn’t see the harm in putting together outfits that could be worn during them.

Glastonbury Fashtival - MenGlastonbury Fashtival - Women

(Copyright of the photos used in the collage belong to Next)

I decided to go with the statement “Less is more” for both the outfits & seeing as the festivals are based on music, I didn’t feel it necessary to put together outfits that would make those wearing them look overdressed. Yes it is definitely risky to wear whites to an event renowned for mud but there is method behind my madness. If for example it was sunny for the whole of the festival (wishful thinking I know) wearing white won’t take in as much of the sun’s rays, meaning you won’t overheat during the activities. Below are the links to each item in the collages in case any caught your eye.

Men’s Outfit

Shorts —>

Shirt —>

Hunters Wellies —>

Women’s Outfit

Shorts —>

Shirt —>

Hunters Wellies —>×51


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