Are you a Friend Or Faux?

Hello again everyone! In this post, I am going to be writing about the fab brand ‘Friend Or Faux’ & as always, if you haven’t heard of them you are missing out!

The brand hails from the United Kingdom & focusses on “fashion ideals and cutting edge creativity”. I absolutely love their use of prints whether they are photographs or illustrated!

I would now like to show you some of my favourite items that I feel give a true sense of the brand’s originality:

FOF White Furs T-ShirtFOF Feline Sweater

(Copyright of the above images belongs to Friend Or Faux)

 As you can see, both are unique & creative items of clothing with eye-catching prints on them. The t-shirt is clever as it is subliminally saying “Faux fur” by printing the faux over the leopard fur print. I think this subtlety is part of what makes the brand one of a kind! To top off the brilliance of this t-shirt, it is in the sale currently on over at Friend Or Faux’s website! Regardless of whether it is in the sale or not, this item is a versatile gem costing only £15.00! If you would like to find out more about the t-shirt, please click here.
Looking at the sweatshirt’s print, you can almost feel the sensuality & the sexual chemistry these women share! The photograph also suggests that the two women are embracing their inner feline predator (the leopard skin covering them). This sweatshirt is stylish, attention grabbing & versatile! It too is one of the items in the sale & can be bought for only £25.00! If you would like find out more about this sweatshirt, please click here.
I’m hoping that this post is tempting you to buy some brilliant items of clothing over at & if you would like to see the items in the sale, please click here.

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