A Fashion Filled Friday

Long time no posting strangers! This post is very overdue, but luckily my fashion filled Friday on the 19th July inspired my next post! So without further ado, let’s begin.

Arriving at the V&A Museum at 10:30 in the morning meant that I could look at the fashion section & also relax in the gardens. When looking at the fashion part of the museum, many of the items on display caught my eye, but in particular these two drew me in from the moment I laid my eyes on them:

V&A Dior Necklace V&A McQueen Dress

I apologise for the quality of the photos, they were taken on my phone. The intricate details & elegance of the Christian Dior necklace were captivating & the glamour & unique qualities of the Alexander McQueen dress were mesmerising!

At 12:30 I began queuing up for the catwalk show (I think at this point I should mention that the reason I went down to the museum was to see the Fashion in Motion: Jenny Packham show). I should also mention that this wasn’t just any Jenny Packham catwalk, this one celebrates 25 years of Packham’s designs!

Jenny Packham Catwalk

More apologies for the quality of the photo, it is another phone one. Once we were inside & had taken our seats, it all felt surreal. Shortly after, the house lights went off, spotlights flooded the models’ path & the show begun.

Soft materials flowed as the models walked, trains billowing out behind them. The majority of the dresses had delicate colours such as light pinks & neutral tones. There were a few exceptions for example, bolder reds & greens. Teamed with the varied colours were lots of crystals! These made the dresses look even more like they were taken from fairytales! I would summarise the pieces in the show as sophisticated, feminine, delicate, princess-like & glamorous! If you would like to head to the Jenny Packham website please click here.
Once the show had finished, I made my way to Harrods & admired all of the fabulous items! Upon leaving fashion wonderland, I was joined in the lift by the one & only Kate Moss!
Kate Moss Harrods Lift
Only joking! Well sort of… One of Moss’ most recent campaigns were on the doors of the lift (I wish I had shared the lift with her)! I then ventured to Mulberry, to oogle over yet more beautiful items, before heading home after a day in the sweltering heat (definitely not complaining even after getting sunburn).
Mulberry Logo Sunburn
Those white lines on my wrist are from wearing bracelets & yes I still have them.

For now, that’s all from me! I don’t plan on leaving it so long next time!

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