Holy Hotttshit!

If any of you reading this are accessory lovers, please keep reading! I have come across a website that is a jewellery gold mine! It goes by the name of ‘Hotttshit.com’ & the title definitely doesn’t lie! Before we look at the products, I’ll give you a brief background on the site.

Hotttshit.com was created out of experience, expertise & a passion for creating a business by Justin & Willie in 2012. Willie runs a product design company & Justin studied art & architecture. The two bonded over their business experiences & their interest in starting a new venture together.

Without further ado, I present to you my favourite pieces of jewellery from the pair’s site:


(Copyright of the above photos belong to Hotttshit.com)

The reason the fox bangle is one of my favourites is because it isn’t in your face, but has subtle charm. It is a delicate looking piece but could add a great touch to most outfits both casual & formal! The bangle is a bargain costing only $17.00! It can be bought from the site by clicking here.

A slightly more quirky item, this ring is funky & stands out in comparison to other pieces of jewellery! Again, I feel that this accessory is something that could be worn with both a casual & formal outfit! You’d be wrong to pass up on this item as it only costs $9.00! If you would like to purchase this wonder, please click here.

I absolute love the items that are on the site & the above accessories provide us with a taste of how unique the products really are! If reading this post has given you an interest in the site, please click here.

For now, that’s all from me!


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