Victoria’s Vision

She’s done it again! Today, Victoria Beckham unveiled yet another set of amazing items! This time the accessories were part of her eyewear collection. The six pairs of glasses are available in black, amber tortoiseshell, taupe & topaz colours & look absolutely stunning! When speaking to Vogue, Beckham had the following to say “I need to wear glasses and had never been able to find a pair that suited me perfectly so I created my own range of optical frames.”

Handmade in Italy out of the finest materials, Victoria also said that she is “so pleased to be able to offer them online for the first time this season.” Below you can see the woman herself sporting her personal favourites (the Heavy Square).

VB Heavy Square

(Copyright of the above photo belongs to Vogue)

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the collection!
VB Optical Kitten - Black & Taupe VB Optical Kitten - Topaz
(Copyright of the above Optical Kitten photos belong to Victoria Beckham)
VB Heavy Square - Black & Taupe VB Heavy Square - Amber Tortoiseshell
(Copyright of the above Heavy Square photos belong to Victoria Beckham)
VB Large Fine Man - Black VB Large Fine Man - Dark Tortoiseshell
(Copyright of the above Large Fine Man photos belong to Victoria Beckham)

As you can all see, the whole collection is simply beautiful! They embody VB’s sophisticated look & would look great with a variety of outfits! As soon as I saw the photo of Victoria wearing the ‘Heavy Square’ I fell in love! They look fab & instantly became my favourites!
The glasses look great in both of the colours, I honestly cannot fault them! The precise angles, the structure, just everything about them is visually appealing!
I shall leave you to oogle over the above photos, but before I do that, I have supplied the links & prices of the glasses!
Bye for now!

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