Sales – The McQueen Way

This is part two of the five part sale posts. This time I will be writing about Alexander McQueen’s sale. The reductions in this sale are anything up to 60% off! Below, you will find some items I have selected from the sale:

Alexander McQueen Hidden Skull Polka-Dot ShirtAlexander McQueen Honeycomb Mesh Corset Top

(Copyright of the above images belong to Alexander McQueen)

The male’s shirt is a fab neutral colour giving it versatility in your wardrobe. It has a skull polka-dot pattern which gives it that authentic McQueen look suggests “young professional” & would look great when pieced together in either a formal or casual look. The 60% sale has brought the price of this item down from £315.00 to £129.00!

The female’s top has a formal & seductive look due to the honeycomb mesh corset. This piece has appeal for all types of people & can work with a range of looks. The top was originally priced at £1,120.00 & is now priced £449.00!

If you would like to see the other items in the sale please click the following links:

Menswear Sale —>

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London Collections: Men (Day 2)

Another day, another load of collections exhibited! Day 2 of LC:M proved another wonderful one, full of current trends, new trends, big designers & more up & coming ones!

The second day of the major event unveiled collections from the following names:

  • J.W. Anderson
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Hunter Gather
  • Margaret Howell
  • Orlebar Brown
  • Sibling
  • KTZ
  • YMC
  • Christopher Kane
  • RAKE
  • Richard James
  • rag & bone
  • Katie Eary
  • Martine Rose
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Savile Row & St James’s
  • Oliver Spencer
  • CP Company
  • Hackett London

LCM - Day 2 Pt 1 LCM - Day Pt 2

(Copyright of the photos used in the above collages belong to London Collections)

Day 2 of LC:M proved lace, animal prints are among the trends that would appear to be remaining big in the world of fashion.

J.W. Anderson’s androgyny rocked the runway. Jimmy Choo’s animal print looked the image of perfection. Hunter Gather showed us the brilliance of neutral colours. Orlebar Brown showed stylish simplicity of sportswear. Knitwear, denim & prints were the eye-catchers at the Sibling show. KTZ found their way with aged looking map prints. YMC’s spots added a new flair to their newest collection. Christopher Kane’s CGI was picture pixel perfect. RAKE’s looks used fabrics that gave the pieces a fab finish. Richard James unveiled noteworthy neutrals. Marvellous monochromes were the key looks in the rag & bone collection. Katie Eary’s “flamingo massacre” (as named by all) turned heads! What will it be called? Fleopard print? Lemingo pink? Martine Rose restored the aged rocker look using distressed looking materials. McQueen’s vision in white. Using lace & a periodic style suit, Alexander McQueen revived Britain’s history! Savile Row & St James’s soft colours created style & sophistication. Oliver Spencer reinvented the suit by doubling it up as a canvas! The CP Company gave outerwear a new, stylish touch. Hackett London gave “the businessman” a new look by giving a more casual touch (still looking sophisticated!).

If you would like to look at the highlights from day 2 at London Collections: Men, please click the following link —>

For now that’s all from me, however later on this week I shall be posting the third & final part of the LC:M 2013 mini series!

Flairing up the office

I’ve picked out this ensemble from Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Spring/Summer shop the look range. You can shop the look here:,en_GB,sc.html

It comprises of three items. A ruffle sleeve shirt, flared trousers and a chain belt. It takes a simple office look and gives it difference. The chain belt adds a glossy look to the outfit and also provides a splash of gold too add some more colour variation. The shirt not only has ruffles to add dynamic to the ensemble and also provides more colour due to the pattern on the torso part of the shirt. It looks classy, sophisticated yet fierce all at the same time.

Alexander McQueen Working Girl Outfit

(Copyright of the above photo belongs to Alexander McQueen)

If you were wondering how much the outfit costs, here you are:
  • Black Flared Crepe Trousers – £595.00
  • Embroidered Dragonfly Exploding Ruffle Sleeve Shirt – £1,765.00
  • Black Wide Crystal Chain Belt – £1,785.00
For now, that’s all from me!

The McQueen Effect

Ok, so Alexander McQueen is my favourite designer as his designs set the audience’s mind running wild. We can take just one look at his pieces and it starts off a chain of thoughts about that particular ensemble.

For example, the “Jellyfish” ensemble from McQueen’s SS10 Plato Atlantis really stands out to me. Jellyfish - McQueen

(Photograph © Sølve Sundsbø / Art + Commerce)

The bold, bright & simply beautiful electric blue colour of the dress & leggings instantly grabs attention, causing a fascination. You just want to sit and watch the light reflect off of the ensemble.

The “Armadillo” boots add to the intriguing piece – They have a unique look which again makes the ensemble stand out even more. You may have seen the look being exhibited in Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ (in gold).

I shall be picking out more looks soon, but for now, that’s all from me!