D.I.Y – Mood Board of Trends

Ok, so on the 13th May I have an interview for college & for part of the interview process I needed to create a mood board of current trends. So I thought that I would dedicate this post to that & make it into a D.I.Y on making a mood board of trends. You may want to make one to look back on or for other reasons.

In this post I am going to go step by step on how I went from nothing to the finished product in just a few hours:

Step 1

To make the mood board (even though it is about trends) you’ll need the following:

A3 Card

A4 Card (Optional)




Labels (Optional)

Step 2

Take a piece of the A3 card and a piece of the A4 (if you want to mount the clothes e.t.c onto something before sticking them onto the A3 card) then start cutting the A4 card into squares, rectangles, e.t.c to make the board like different and interesting (I chose to incorporate the trend of black & white into my board by using those colour pieces of card.


Step 3

Start looking through magazines in order for you to pick out the different clothes, looks, e.t.c that you may want to use in your board.  (I made sure to get myself a second copy of the magazines pictured below).


When you have picked the clothes, ensembles, e.t.c cut them out, decide how you want the layout of the board then start sticking them down.

Step 4

Once you have made progress with filling the board up, start writing on the labels the different components of an ensemble, their price & the brand that they are. If you chose not to use labels you can skip this step.


Step 5

Et voila! You have completed your mood board of trends. All you need to do now is admire what you have made! Below is what mine looks like.

College Mood Board of Trends

Please feel free to email yours to me (h4ving4gir4ff3@gmail.com)

Once again, I’m off for now but shall be back soon!