My Next Festival Look

It’s that time of year again… GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL!! Thousands & thousands of people make their way to the various festivals year after year with the hope that their day/weekend spent there will include good weather. Even though I myself am not attending the events, I didn’t see the harm in putting together outfits that could be worn during them.

Glastonbury Fashtival - MenGlastonbury Fashtival - Women

(Copyright of the photos used in the collage belong to Next)

I decided to go with the statement “Less is more” for both the outfits & seeing as the festivals are based on music, I didn’t feel it necessary to put together outfits that would make those wearing them look overdressed. Yes it is definitely risky to wear whites to an event renowned for mud but there is method behind my madness. If for example it was sunny for the whole of the festival (wishful thinking I know) wearing white won’t take in as much of the sun’s rays, meaning you won’t overheat during the activities. Below are the links to each item in the collages in case any caught your eye.

Men’s Outfit

Shorts —>

Shirt —>

Hunters Wellies —>

Women’s Outfit

Shorts —>

Shirt —>

Hunters Wellies —>×51


Summer Outfit Option

I have put together an outfit that is suitable for going out & wearing casually in this beautiful weather (touch wood it stays).Summer Pastels

I chose pink & orange as the two colours of the outfit as I feel that both are bright, feel good colours.

I feel that the top is stylish with a nice simplicity about it. It can be worn with a variety of items & will still look good. It is a bargain at £8.00 (don’t miss it) & can be bought by following this link —>

I think the skirt is stylish, unique & eye-catching. The reason this skirt is unique is due to the fact that there are double splits in front. It almost makes the skirt look slightly gladiator-like. It has been reduced in the ASOS sale, making it even more appealing! If you want to purchase this skirt, follow this link —>

As you can see from the picture, the shoes are by the brilliant Kurt Geiger & look fierce! They include all three of the themes that are written across the collage (pastels, lace & studs). They are eye-catching due to the mentioned factors & just generally look amazing! The price of these bad boys? £160.00 & they’re all yours! Following this link —> can secure you a pair!

That’s all from me for now! Stay tuned!

Dweebs are in!

I have put together the following ensemble as it is stylish, casual & affordable!

Dweeb Outfit

The outfit only comprises of two items, however looks great! The t-shirt is from Topman & has been reduced to £10 (bargain)! It has a nice design as it has taken the trend of having one word such as nerd, geek, dweeb, e.t.c & written it in a neat, flicking handwriting as opposed to the block font that is commonly used for these types of t-shirts. There are points on the sleeves which are attached to the sleeve giving a slight turned up look.

The jeans are stretch skinny jeans simply meaning that they are normal skinny jeans just with more give & stretch in the material. As you can see by the photo, they have a nice dark blue colour making them easier to go with all sorts of colours. They are another bargain costing £30.

The outfit works so well together as you can experiment with styles using these items, for example you could turn the cuffs of the jeans up & turn the sleeves up if you were looking to go for a current style. You could also wear both the cuffs & sleeves unrolled if you wanted to try a different current style. I myself, wore the cuffs & sleeves turned up & a pair of low cut converse to highlight the fact the cuffs of the jeans are turned up.

Let me know what you think of this outfit option!

Flairing up the office

I’ve picked out this ensemble from Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Spring/Summer shop the look range. You can shop the look here:,en_GB,sc.html

It comprises of three items. A ruffle sleeve shirt, flared trousers and a chain belt. It takes a simple office look and gives it difference. The chain belt adds a glossy look to the outfit and also provides a splash of gold too add some more colour variation. The shirt not only has ruffles to add dynamic to the ensemble and also provides more colour due to the pattern on the torso part of the shirt. It looks classy, sophisticated yet fierce all at the same time.

Alexander McQueen Working Girl Outfit

(Copyright of the above photo belongs to Alexander McQueen)

If you were wondering how much the outfit costs, here you are:
  • Black Flared Crepe Trousers – £595.00
  • Embroidered Dragonfly Exploding Ruffle Sleeve Shirt – £1,765.00
  • Black Wide Crystal Chain Belt – £1,785.00
For now, that’s all from me!

BANG On Trend in Black & White

Ok so I have put together this ensemble to share with you all. I found that the outfit itself is affordable, simple while also currently in trend.


The t-shirt is a stylish item that is very popular right now for the dripping Chanel logo on it.

You can purchase the t-shirt for £6.99 (sale price) at the following link:

The jeans are made of organic denim & have more give in them than other skinny jeans.

You can purchase the jeans for £45.00 at the following link:

The converse are stylish footwear that haven’t seemed to go out of fashion for years.

You can purchase the converse for £50.00 at the following link:,3543&sh=0&pge=3&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=White

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with more!