Introducing Mallzee

Hello to all those reading this! I’d like to introduce you a great website! Readers meet Mallzee. Mallzee meet readers.

If you haven’t heard of Mallzee before, it is a website that is great for finding clothes for different styles! Upon your initial log in you will be shown various pieces of clothing, giving you the option to “like” or “dislike” them. Once you have completed this process, Mallzee will present the brands that they think you’ll like.

You then have the freedom to look through the different products supplied by the brands & once you decide to buy a product, Mallzee will redirect to the brand’s site in order for you to make your purchase! It is like having your own personal shopper without even having to leave your home!

Another fab feature of the site is that you can shop with your friends! You can recommend items for each other, help each other know which items work & which don’t. Also, the more shop on Mallzee, the more THEY PAY YOU!! How brilliant is that?!?! The way this works is that: As you buy items using Mallzee, they give you “Mallzee dollars” which go towards the items you buy in the future. Below you can find a screenshot of the homepage:

Mallzee Homepage

As you can see from the screenshot the homepage has a professional look to it & doesn’t have too much going on that could put you off. The signing up process is simple & quick. I just generally think that the site is brilliant!

If you would like to sign up to the site, please click here!¬†I would love to hear your thoughts on it so please do get in contact! ūüôā


College Creativity

Today was the taster day for college & I was so so so exicted!!

I clambered out of bed at 6:30AM (which I haven’t had to do in a while now, so I found it a struggle hahaha) & proceeded to get ready for the day ahead.

The day had gone really well, I got the bus on time nothing had gone wrong during the day so far… Too good to be true unfortunately. I got off the bus got halfway to college before realising “Uh oh! My portfolio is still on the bus!”

After finding the bus company’s number I was shown to where the taster day would be taking place. The longer I spent there, the more I just wanted to start the course!

We spent the first part of the day introducing ourselves to the rest of the class & looking at the types of work that we will be doing throughout our time at the college). We then discussed what we would be doing for our first project once the course properly starts in September which is to design a Christmas window display (everything from the props to the outfits the mannequins will be wearing)! The remainder of the taster day was spent creating a mood board of ideas that provide inspiration for when it comes to finalising our displays.

The eager person I am have already made a start on the mood board & are in the process of weighing up different ideas that I feel could work for the display. I have also joined Bloglovin’ since getting home today, so if you would like to follow ‘Just Having A Giraffe’ on there please click the link:″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin

So yeah, you have the update on my college journey! You’ll probably hear about my time at college again & hopefully I won’t be so scatty & leave my belongings on public transport!

An Afternoon in London

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon with Tasha ( We finished our drama rehearsal did a 40 minute walk to the train station, hopped on the train & headed for London. Luckily, the rain had seized for a while!

After looking in the Platform 9 3/4 shop like the big kids we are,¬†we headed for the underground – The next journey was from King’s Cross to Piccadilly Circus.

After getting out of the underground, we walked up to Costa in order for Tasha to get a drink (a red berry thing if anyone was wondering). From Costa we made our way to the SuperDry & whilst browsing the brilliant pieces, we noticed the following outfit:

SuperDry Outfit

This outfit altogether costs around the £100 mark, but is stylish, simple & is great for Summer (provided we have good weather).

After SuperDry, Tasha & I carried on up Regent’s Street to Burberry (Ahh love it so much!)

We were greeted by the lovely security guard & then began looking at the magnificent items. We scaled the grand staircase to be greeted by one of the lovely shop assistants, whom told us the layout of the store & asked us whether we knew about the “magic mirrors”. I did, however Tasha didn’t so they explained to her that when you walk into the changing rooms & the item is close enough to the mirror, it detects what the item is & then shows a picture of a model wearing it. Despite already knowing what would happen, it was pretty awesome to see the “magic mirrors” work face-to-erm… mirrored face? Either way it was so so cool!

Also, the room where you can wait in is beautiful! It is like an actual living room! (Picture of exterior & interior below)

BurberryBurberry 2

I, like the designer lover/dweeb/nerd I am, had to take a photo of the sign for Burberry (below).

Burberry 3

We began making our way even further along Regent’s Street when we saw another Burberry shop literally a few doors down (GET IN)! The window displays oozed the class & sophistication of Burberry (window displays are below).

Burberry Window Burberry Window 2

Admittedly, the photo on the right (black backdrop) is of a worse quality compared to the photo on the left. I love the way that it isn’t only the outfits that are displaying the trends of black & white by using black & white props & backdrops. Despite the fact it is simple but, the different shapes give the display a fresh look.

We then proceeded up the road & into Juicy Couture. There, we were greeted with friendly staff, a regal looking shop (due to the classic tiled floor & the chandelier) & the bright pink here, there & everywhere. Below is a photo of the interior from one floor up.

Juicy Couture

Tasha & I then plodded up to Carnaby Street РLooked in the boutiques before making a stop at Jack Wills. In there we noticed just how lovely the interior is. Courtesy of Tasha, the below photos are examples of the Jack Wills décor.

Jack Wills 2 Jack Wills

The vintage bedroom look is very effective as it keeps the idea of the brand’s ‘British image’, yet has a fun, contemporary look elsewhere in the shop with the neon lights.

On our way back from Jack Wills, we passed a bright, eye-catching boutique called Aqua (photo below).


The boutique draws attention to itself with the bold colour on the exterior & compliments it with the outfits on display, overall creating a complimentary look.

If you would like to see what Aqua sell, please follow the link –>

The final shop we paid a visit to, before heading home, was Harvey Nichols. I was fascinated by the wonderful window displays & this made me even more eager to go inside (once again, photos are below).

Harvey Nichols Harvey Nichols 2

When initially laid eyes upon this display I felt that it was suggesting what different people may value in the world: Nature (the flowers), fashion (the mannequin), technology & its advances (the cogs, tank & what seems to be a metal arm). What I feel about this display may not be how you feel, so please let me know what you think of the display!

And that was our day!

A Terrific Two Days

Yesterday & today have been a brilliant two days!

Yesterday was my birthday which was so so lovely! I spent the morning & afternoon relaxing & tweaking a few of the aesthetics of ‘h4ving4gir4ffe’. I then went for a meal with some of my family – This was such a nice way to spend my evening!

Today I had my college interview, which despite being nervous, I was VERY excited for. I turned up suited & booted, CV, certificates & portfolio in hand & laptop on my shoulder. Upon meeting the course leader, I showed them my portfolio while talking them through it. I also showed them my CV & certificates. I was then asked about the course & other course related questions.

It seemed that I had impressed them. They said that usually they contacted candidates around a week after the interview to let them know whether or not they have been offered a conditional offer. They said that they would love to have me in their class & gave me an unconditional offer for the course! I was so amazed & instantly took the offer & even now still find it difficult to believe that I was given the place! It feels so surreal to say that I am now officially a fashion display & visual merchandising student! (A fashion student to keep it short hahaha)