A Fashion Filled Friday

Long time no posting strangers! This post is very overdue, but luckily my fashion filled Friday on the 19th July inspired my next post! So without further ado, let’s begin.

Arriving at the V&A Museum at 10:30 in the morning meant that I could look at the fashion section & also relax in the gardens. When looking at the fashion part of the museum, many of the items on display caught my eye, but in particular these two drew me in from the moment I laid my eyes on them:

V&A Dior Necklace V&A McQueen Dress

I apologise for the quality of the photos, they were taken on my phone. The intricate details & elegance of the Christian Dior necklace were captivating & the glamour & unique qualities of the Alexander McQueen dress were mesmerising!

At 12:30 I began queuing up for the catwalk show (I think at this point I should mention that the reason I went down to the museum was to see the Fashion in Motion: Jenny Packham show). I should also mention that this wasn’t just any Jenny Packham catwalk, this one celebrates 25 years of Packham’s designs!

Jenny Packham Catwalk

More apologies for the quality of the photo, it is another phone one. Once we were inside & had taken our seats, it all felt surreal. Shortly after, the house lights went off, spotlights flooded the models’ path & the show begun.

Soft materials flowed as the models walked, trains billowing out behind them. The majority of the dresses had delicate colours such as light pinks & neutral tones. There were a few exceptions for example, bolder reds & greens. Teamed with the varied colours were lots of crystals! These made the dresses look even more like they were taken from fairytales! I would summarise the pieces in the show as sophisticated, feminine, delicate, princess-like & glamorous! If you would like to head to the Jenny Packham website please click here.
Once the show had finished, I made my way to Harrods & admired all of the fabulous items! Upon leaving fashion wonderland, I was joined in the lift by the one & only Kate Moss!
Kate Moss Harrods Lift
Only joking! Well sort of… One of Moss’ most recent campaigns were on the doors of the lift (I wish I had shared the lift with her)! I then ventured to Mulberry, to oogle over yet more beautiful items, before heading home after a day in the sweltering heat (definitely not complaining even after getting sunburn).
Mulberry Logo Sunburn
Those white lines on my wrist are from wearing bracelets & yes I still have them.

For now, that’s all from me! I don’t plan on leaving it so long next time!

London Collections: Men (Day 3)

Tuesday 18th June 2013. The third & final day of the June 2013 London Collections: Men event. The last of the collections gave the event a great ending. The designers showing their collections on day 3 were the following:

  • Shaun Samson
  • Paul Smith
  • Pringle of Scotland
  • Fashion East Menswear Installations
  • James Long
  • Baartmans and Siegel
  • Christopher Raeburn
  • Christopher Shannon
  • Burberry Prorsum
  • Nicole Farhi
  • Chester Barrie
  • E. Tautz
  • Matthew Miller
  • Xander Zhou
  • Nasir Mazhar

LCM - Day 3 Pt 1 LCM Day 3 - Pt 2

(Copyright of the photos used in the above collages belong to London Collections)

As you can see from the past three days, is that the smart casual look is going nowhere (Woop woop)!

Shaun Samson impressed not only the ladies, but everybody, with their newest collection. Paul Smith’s new suits gave us a hunger for formal wear. Pringle of Scotland made a tartan triumph. Fashion East Menswear Installations a great colour combo. James Long used a range of different fabrics & materials to make black magic. Baartmans and Siegel created formal wear that looks great for any occasion. Christopher Raeburn mixed neutral colours with a bright blue to give a fresh look. The wet look of the Christopher Shannon’s new collection gives a new flair to everyday wear. Burberry’s latest Prorsum collection looked classy, colourful & smart while at the same time casual. The collection went down a treat with the audience & I personally love every look from the show. With the frequent use of white in their collection, Nicole Farhi created a clean & fresh look. The S/S 14 Chester Barrie collection was made up of colours complimenting each other. The newest E. Tautz collection looked great with its fitted formal wear. Matthew Miller went back to black by colour co-ordinating some of the pieces in their collection. Xander Zhou mixed genders by using a suit (with shorts) & a garter like band. Nasir Mazhar used a soft shade of pink to give a simple yet stylish touch to their newest collection.

And with that, we await the next of the London Collection events!

I’ll be back soon, but for now, bye!

London Collections: Men (Day 2)

Another day, another load of collections exhibited! Day 2 of LC:M proved another wonderful one, full of current trends, new trends, big designers & more up & coming ones!

The second day of the major event unveiled collections from the following names:

  • J.W. Anderson
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Hunter Gather
  • Margaret Howell
  • Orlebar Brown
  • Sibling
  • KTZ
  • YMC
  • Christopher Kane
  • RAKE
  • Richard James
  • rag & bone
  • Katie Eary
  • Martine Rose
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Savile Row & St James’s
  • Oliver Spencer
  • CP Company
  • Hackett London

LCM - Day 2 Pt 1 LCM - Day Pt 2

(Copyright of the photos used in the above collages belong to London Collections)

Day 2 of LC:M proved lace, animal prints are among the trends that would appear to be remaining big in the world of fashion.

J.W. Anderson’s androgyny rocked the runway. Jimmy Choo’s animal print looked the image of perfection. Hunter Gather showed us the brilliance of neutral colours. Orlebar Brown showed stylish simplicity of sportswear. Knitwear, denim & prints were the eye-catchers at the Sibling show. KTZ found their way with aged looking map prints. YMC’s spots added a new flair to their newest collection. Christopher Kane’s CGI was picture pixel perfect. RAKE’s looks used fabrics that gave the pieces a fab finish. Richard James unveiled noteworthy neutrals. Marvellous monochromes were the key looks in the rag & bone collection. Katie Eary’s “flamingo massacre” (as named by all) turned heads! What will it be called? Fleopard print? Lemingo pink? Martine Rose restored the aged rocker look using distressed looking materials. McQueen’s vision in white. Using lace & a periodic style suit, Alexander McQueen revived Britain’s history! Savile Row & St James’s soft colours created style & sophistication. Oliver Spencer reinvented the suit by doubling it up as a canvas! The CP Company gave outerwear a new, stylish touch. Hackett London gave “the businessman” a new look by giving a more casual touch (still looking sophisticated!).

If you would like to look at the highlights from day 2 at London Collections: Men, please click the following link —> http://www.londoncollections.co.uk/men

For now that’s all from me, however later on this week I shall be posting the third & final part of the LC:M 2013 mini series!

London Collections: Men (Day 1)

Ok, so this is the first of a three part mini post collection based on London Collections: Men. The event spans for three days (this year it is Sunday 16th June – Tuesday 18th June 2013) showing collections from some of the biggest designers & up & coming ones. It is also the place to notice what will be trending soon in the fashion world!

The first day of LC:M kicked off to a great start & saw collections of the following brands:

  • Lou Dalton
  • John Smedley
  • Kay Kwok
  • Dominic Jones
  • Topman Design
  • Hardy Amies
  • Astrid Andersen
  • Jonathan Saunders
  • Mr Start
  • Lee Roach
  • Hentsch Man
  • Richard Nicholl
  • Gieves & Hawkes
  • Agi & Sam
  • Spencer Hart

LCM - Day 1

(Copyright of the photos used in the above collage belong to London Collections)

As we can see, some of the trends used in the collections are ones that are already big currently. Trends such as monochrome colour, pastel colours, gold & the smart casual look are staying firmly where currently are!

Lou Dalton’s dry, distressed look had intriguing prints. John Smedley had sporty turtle-necks. Kay Kwok caught eyes by mixing sandals with reinvented formal wear. Dominic Jones opted for the less is more look with his fantastic new jewellery. Topman revamped the cowboy look. Hardy Amies’ mixed patterns at the top of the Gherkin. Astrid Andersen’s mix of fabrics & shapes interested all. Jonathan Saunders gave classic items a new edge with two-tones, prints, patterns & fabrics. Mr Start’s classy looking collection comprised of formal & casual wear. Lee Roach’s jackets & coats gave the “tied round the waist” look a new flair. Hetsch Man’s “cool men” sported the aging rocker look by chatting & drinking beer in the funky S/S14 collection & their mass of head & facial hair. Richard Nicholl used shades of colour, transparency, prints & wet look materials to create a stylish collection. Gieves & Hawkes delivered a collection stylish suits. Agi & Sam used soft colours giving their collection a fun look. Spencer Hart made used monochrome to make formal magic. He added pastel colours to give fun & variation to their S/S14 collection.

If you would like to see the highlights of day 1 or just more in general follow this link —> http://www.londoncollections.co.uk/men

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about day 2 of LC:M so would love to hear your opinions on the event!

An Afternoon in London

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon with Tasha (http://itsonlytasha.blogspot.co.uk/). We finished our drama rehearsal did a 40 minute walk to the train station, hopped on the train & headed for London. Luckily, the rain had seized for a while!

After looking in the Platform 9 3/4 shop like the big kids we are, we headed for the underground – The next journey was from King’s Cross to Piccadilly Circus.

After getting out of the underground, we walked up to Costa in order for Tasha to get a drink (a red berry thing if anyone was wondering). From Costa we made our way to the SuperDry & whilst browsing the brilliant pieces, we noticed the following outfit:

SuperDry Outfit

This outfit altogether costs around the £100 mark, but is stylish, simple & is great for Summer (provided we have good weather).

After SuperDry, Tasha & I carried on up Regent’s Street to Burberry (Ahh love it so much!)

We were greeted by the lovely security guard & then began looking at the magnificent items. We scaled the grand staircase to be greeted by one of the lovely shop assistants, whom told us the layout of the store & asked us whether we knew about the “magic mirrors”. I did, however Tasha didn’t so they explained to her that when you walk into the changing rooms & the item is close enough to the mirror, it detects what the item is & then shows a picture of a model wearing it. Despite already knowing what would happen, it was pretty awesome to see the “magic mirrors” work face-to-erm… mirrored face? Either way it was so so cool!

Also, the room where you can wait in is beautiful! It is like an actual living room! (Picture of exterior & interior below)

BurberryBurberry 2

I, like the designer lover/dweeb/nerd I am, had to take a photo of the sign for Burberry (below).

Burberry 3

We began making our way even further along Regent’s Street when we saw another Burberry shop literally a few doors down (GET IN)! The window displays oozed the class & sophistication of Burberry (window displays are below).

Burberry Window Burberry Window 2

Admittedly, the photo on the right (black backdrop) is of a worse quality compared to the photo on the left. I love the way that it isn’t only the outfits that are displaying the trends of black & white by using black & white props & backdrops. Despite the fact it is simple but, the different shapes give the display a fresh look.

We then proceeded up the road & into Juicy Couture. There, we were greeted with friendly staff, a regal looking shop (due to the classic tiled floor & the chandelier) & the bright pink here, there & everywhere. Below is a photo of the interior from one floor up.

Juicy Couture

Tasha & I then plodded up to Carnaby Street – Looked in the boutiques before making a stop at Jack Wills. In there we noticed just how lovely the interior is. Courtesy of Tasha, the below photos are examples of the Jack Wills décor.

Jack Wills 2 Jack Wills

The vintage bedroom look is very effective as it keeps the idea of the brand’s ‘British image’, yet has a fun, contemporary look elsewhere in the shop with the neon lights.

On our way back from Jack Wills, we passed a bright, eye-catching boutique called Aqua (photo below).


The boutique draws attention to itself with the bold colour on the exterior & compliments it with the outfits on display, overall creating a complimentary look.

If you would like to see what Aqua sell, please follow the link –> http://www.aquabyaqua.com/

The final shop we paid a visit to, before heading home, was Harvey Nichols. I was fascinated by the wonderful window displays & this made me even more eager to go inside (once again, photos are below).

Harvey Nichols Harvey Nichols 2

When initially laid eyes upon this display I felt that it was suggesting what different people may value in the world: Nature (the flowers), fashion (the mannequin), technology & its advances (the cogs, tank & what seems to be a metal arm). What I feel about this display may not be how you feel, so please let me know what you think of the display!

And that was our day!