Introducing Mallzee

Hello to all those reading this! I’d like to introduce you a great website! Readers meet Mallzee. Mallzee meet readers.

If you haven’t heard of Mallzee before, it is a website that is great for finding clothes for different styles! Upon your initial log in you will be shown various pieces of clothing, giving you the option to “like” or “dislike” them. Once you have completed this process, Mallzee will present the brands that they think you’ll like.

You then have the freedom to look through the different products supplied by the brands & once you decide to buy a product, Mallzee will redirect to the brand’s site in order for you to make your purchase! It is like having your own personal shopper without even having to leave your home!

Another fab feature of the site is that you can shop with your friends! You can recommend items for each other, help each other know which items work & which don’t. Also, the more shop on Mallzee, the more THEY PAY YOU!! How brilliant is that?!?! The way this works is that: As you buy items using Mallzee, they give you “Mallzee dollars” which go towards the items you buy in the future. Below you can find a screenshot of the homepage:

Mallzee Homepage

As you can see from the screenshot the homepage has a professional look to it & doesn’t have too much going on that could put you off. The signing up process is simple & quick. I just generally think that the site is brilliant!

If you would like to sign up to the site, please click here! I would love to hear your thoughts on it so please do get in contact! 🙂