Kitsy Lane’s Uptown Angel

Hello everyone! I hope that you are well!

Thanks to twitter, I recently found out about the wonderful ‘Uptown Angel Boutique’! Powered by ‘Kitsy Lane’, the lovely Nellie Corean is able to run her own online boutique selling jewellery & various other fashion accessories. If at this point, you are still wondering what Kitsy Lane is, this should help:

“Kitsy Lane is made up of a community of Boutique Owners (from stay-at-home moms to professional stylists and even celebrities) who customize their own online storefronts, curating jewelry and accessories from on-trend and up-and-coming designers to sell in weekly flash sales. We simply provide the platform (by the way, our innovative marketing platform is first-of-its-kind), pay the commissions, and securely handle all the orders.”

– Uptown Angel Boutique

“Kitsy Lane empowers Boutique Owners to run their own online jewelry and accessories boutique on their own time – and make money while they’re at it. Thanks to an easy-to-use, innovative marketing platform, Boutique Owners get to customize their own online storefront, choose the pieces they want to sell, give personal shopping advice, and promote fabulous finds across their social networks. And anyone can do it, creating their own online storefront without the usual risks and headaches of running a business. There’s no starter kit to buy, no website to build, no inventory to manage, and no trunk shows to host. And we’re thrilled to offer it completely free.

– Uptown Angel Boutique

Each week, Nellie sends out an email, to all those who have signed up to the website, letting you know about sales that are being held on the site & to give you a taste of what can be found on Uptown Angel Boutique, I have picked out some items that are my favourites:

Uptown Angel Boutique Martina NecklaceUptown Angel Boutique Livi Scarlet Bangle

(Copyright of the above photos belong to Uptown Angel Boutique)

I love the simplicity of the necklace as it isn’t in your face & would add a dainty touch to most looks. Purely because of the ship related charms on the necklace, I would team this accessory with a blue & white outfit to give a sailor-esque look. This item was originally priced $58 but now costs only $52! If you would like to find out more about this item, please click here.

I love the subtlety of the bangle despite the its bold, red colour. Like with the necklace, this bangle adds a dainty touch to most looks & would be best teamed with a blue & white outfit. This accessory was formerly $28 & now only costs $22! If you would like to find out more about this item, please click here.

With that, this concludes the post, but if you like what you see & would like to see more of what is in the ‘Flash Sale’, please click here.


Are you a Friend Or Faux?

Hello again everyone! In this post, I am going to be writing about the fab brand ‘Friend Or Faux’ & as always, if you haven’t heard of them you are missing out!

The brand hails from the United Kingdom & focusses on “fashion ideals and cutting edge creativity”. I absolutely love their use of prints whether they are photographs or illustrated!

I would now like to show you some of my favourite items that I feel give a true sense of the brand’s originality:

FOF White Furs T-ShirtFOF Feline Sweater

(Copyright of the above images belongs to Friend Or Faux)

 As you can see, both are unique & creative items of clothing with eye-catching prints on them. The t-shirt is clever as it is subliminally saying “Faux fur” by printing the faux over the leopard fur print. I think this subtlety is part of what makes the brand one of a kind! To top off the brilliance of this t-shirt, it is in the sale currently on over at Friend Or Faux’s website! Regardless of whether it is in the sale or not, this item is a versatile gem costing only £15.00! If you would like to find out more about the t-shirt, please click here.
Looking at the sweatshirt’s print, you can almost feel the sensuality & the sexual chemistry these women share! The photograph also suggests that the two women are embracing their inner feline predator (the leopard skin covering them). This sweatshirt is stylish, attention grabbing & versatile! It too is one of the items in the sale & can be bought for only £25.00! If you would like find out more about this sweatshirt, please click here.
I’m hoping that this post is tempting you to buy some brilliant items of clothing over at & if you would like to see the items in the sale, please click here.

River Island’s Rivalling Prices

Ok! I apologise for the big break between the sales posts! I’ll get straight on with it!

Part five of the sales mini series is on the sale currently on at River Island! It works out that the sale is around 50% for the majority of the items (bargain)! Below, you can find some items that I have picked out:

River Island Green Camo Print Crew Neck Sweatshirt River Island Pink Belted Skater Skirt

(Copyright of the above photos belong to River Island)

The camo print sweatshirt is a brilliant item as the camo print is currently being used in many different items such as jackets, tops & shoes. The sweatshirt is versatile (one thing that I absolutely LOVE about items of clothing)! This particular item was reduced from £28.00 to £15.00!

The skater skirt looks great, catches eyes with the bright colour & again is versatile! The item looks young & fun without looking garish. Originally £25.00, the price has been cut down to £10.00!

And with that, this concludes the sales mini series! If you would like to see more of the items in the sale, please click here for the women’s section & here!

Clearing out with Next

Part four is here! This time we’re focused on Next’s clearance sale (as suggested with the title). Most items in the sale are half price if not less! So without further ado, let’s take a look at the two items that I have picked out:

Next Black Split Sleeve Top Next Denim Shirt

(Copyright of the above photos belong to Next)

The female’s tunic is brilliant for various reasons. It looks delicate & elegant & can be dressed up or dressed down (gotta love versatility)! The sale has brought this item down from £55.00 to £25.00!

The male’s shirt is again brilliant for various reasons. The brown on the collar means that you can brown as well as blue into your outfit (if you wanted to colour co-ordinate)! Originally £38.00 this shirt now costs only £11.00!

If you do want to check out the sale (I would really recommend it) please click here (so happy to have figured out how to put links in like that).

Topman’s Sale Treasures

Welcome to part three of five on the current sales going on! As you can see from the title, this post is on Topman’s sale. It is most definitely one that shouldn’t be missed as you will be getting 70% off (bargain right)!! Below you can find an outfit I’ve made after looking through the items in the items:

Topman Geek Nay & White T-Shirt  Topman Light Wash Ripped Stretch Skinny JeansTopman Ibiza Navy Canvas Espidrilles

(Copyright of the above photos belong to Topman)

The stripe pattern on the t-shirt is simple & fun but looks stylish at the same time. The geek print on the t-shirt also adds to the t-shirt’s appeal. The 70% sale reduces this gem from £18.00 to £5.00!

I couldn’t pick any other trousers than denim jeans of course (major denim lover over here)! The light wash gives them an aged look which adds another trend into the outfit making it even more stylish! Originally £38.00, these jeans now cost £12.00!

I thought two things when picking the shoes. The first was that the shoes should be suitable for the season. The second consideration was that the colours of the shoes tied in with the other items in the outfit (good ol’ colour coordination). When I saw these espadrilles I knew instantly that they were perfect for the ensemble as not only do they have the same colour scheme as the other items, but also the same patterns! Also, they are perfect for summer! This pair of espadrilles have gone from £12.00 to £6.00!

If you would like to see the other items in the sale please follow the link —>

Sales – The McQueen Way

This is part two of the five part sale posts. This time I will be writing about Alexander McQueen’s sale. The reductions in this sale are anything up to 60% off! Below, you will find some items I have selected from the sale:

Alexander McQueen Hidden Skull Polka-Dot ShirtAlexander McQueen Honeycomb Mesh Corset Top

(Copyright of the above images belong to Alexander McQueen)

The male’s shirt is a fab neutral colour giving it versatility in your wardrobe. It has a skull polka-dot pattern which gives it that authentic McQueen look suggests “young professional” & would look great when pieced together in either a formal or casual look. The 60% sale has brought the price of this item down from £315.00 to £129.00!

The female’s top has a formal & seductive look due to the honeycomb mesh corset. This piece has appeal for all types of people & can work with a range of looks. The top was originally priced at £1,120.00 & is now priced £449.00!

If you would like to see the other items in the sale please click the following links:

Menswear Sale —>

Womenswear Sale —>

Burberry’s Summertime Sale

That’s right! There are numerous amounts of sales going on currently & I have picked out five that I would HIGHLY recommend checking out!

First of all, is Burberry. There are pieces from all the different collections that have been significantly reduced. Such as the items below:

Burberry Embroided Lace Shirt Burberry Metallic Undercollar Trench Coat

(Copyright of the above photos belong to Burberry)

The embroidered lace shirt is stylish, sexy & sophisticated. The green lace gives a slight illusion that whoever wears it, looks as if they are wearing ivy which makes the shirt more intriguing & appealing. Originally this shirt cost £895.00 but the sale means it now costs £275.00!

The trench coat looks stylish, classy & unique. The nice neutral tone allows the coat to go with almost every outfit you may choose to wear. The unique quality the coat possesses is that when you turn the collar up it is a metallic yellowy gold. Since being put in the sale the coat it has gone from £1,495.00 to £450.00!

If you would like to see more of the pieces in the sale feel free to follow the link —>