A Printastic Purchase!

Sharing is caring right? Well I feel I should share with you a gem I bought yesterday:

TOPMAN Grey Leopard Print T-Shirt

(Copyright of the above photo belongs to Topman)

This t-shirt is from Topman & costs only £18.00 (bargain)! I love the dark grey colour with the leopard print as I feel it gives the look a new edge. I also love the fact that men wear leopard print as well as women nowadays! The t-shirt looks even edgier due to the denim wash exposing the different tones in the print.

In terms of what to wear with the t-shirt, you could try off white skinny jeans & a pair of grey boots? Also, if you would like to find out more about the t-shirt, please click here.

I was planning to keep this post short & sweet, so shall leave you to check out the links!

Ciao for now! 🙂


Topman’s Sale Treasures

Welcome to part three of five on the current sales going on! As you can see from the title, this post is on Topman’s sale. It is most definitely one that shouldn’t be missed as you will be getting 70% off (bargain right)!! Below you can find an outfit I’ve made after looking through the items in the items:

Topman Geek Nay & White T-Shirt  Topman Light Wash Ripped Stretch Skinny JeansTopman Ibiza Navy Canvas Espidrilles

(Copyright of the above photos belong to Topman)

The stripe pattern on the t-shirt is simple & fun but looks stylish at the same time. The geek print on the t-shirt also adds to the t-shirt’s appeal. The 70% sale reduces this gem from £18.00 to £5.00!

I couldn’t pick any other trousers than denim jeans of course (major denim lover over here)! The light wash gives them an aged look which adds another trend into the outfit making it even more stylish! Originally £38.00, these jeans now cost £12.00!

I thought two things when picking the shoes. The first was that the shoes should be suitable for the season. The second consideration was that the colours of the shoes tied in with the other items in the outfit (good ol’ colour coordination). When I saw these espadrilles I knew instantly that they were perfect for the ensemble as not only do they have the same colour scheme as the other items, but also the same patterns! Also, they are perfect for summer! This pair of espadrilles have gone from £12.00 to £6.00!

If you would like to see the other items in the sale please follow the link —> http://www.topman.com

London Collections: Men (Day 1)

Ok, so this is the first of a three part mini post collection based on London Collections: Men. The event spans for three days (this year it is Sunday 16th June – Tuesday 18th June 2013) showing collections from some of the biggest designers & up & coming ones. It is also the place to notice what will be trending soon in the fashion world!

The first day of LC:M kicked off to a great start & saw collections of the following brands:

  • Lou Dalton
  • John Smedley
  • Kay Kwok
  • Dominic Jones
  • Topman Design
  • Hardy Amies
  • Astrid Andersen
  • Jonathan Saunders
  • Mr Start
  • Lee Roach
  • Hentsch Man
  • Richard Nicholl
  • Gieves & Hawkes
  • Agi & Sam
  • Spencer Hart

LCM - Day 1

(Copyright of the photos used in the above collage belong to London Collections)

As we can see, some of the trends used in the collections are ones that are already big currently. Trends such as monochrome colour, pastel colours, gold & the smart casual look are staying firmly where currently are!

Lou Dalton’s dry, distressed look had intriguing prints. John Smedley had sporty turtle-necks. Kay Kwok caught eyes by mixing sandals with reinvented formal wear. Dominic Jones opted for the less is more look with his fantastic new jewellery. Topman revamped the cowboy look. Hardy Amies’ mixed patterns at the top of the Gherkin. Astrid Andersen’s mix of fabrics & shapes interested all. Jonathan Saunders gave classic items a new edge with two-tones, prints, patterns & fabrics. Mr Start’s classy looking collection comprised of formal & casual wear. Lee Roach’s jackets & coats gave the “tied round the waist” look a new flair. Hetsch Man’s “cool men” sported the aging rocker look by chatting & drinking beer in the funky S/S14 collection & their mass of head & facial hair. Richard Nicholl used shades of colour, transparency, prints & wet look materials to create a stylish collection. Gieves & Hawkes delivered a collection stylish suits. Agi & Sam used soft colours giving their collection a fun look. Spencer Hart made used monochrome to make formal magic. He added pastel colours to give fun & variation to their S/S14 collection.

If you would like to see the highlights of day 1 or just more in general follow this link —> http://www.londoncollections.co.uk/men

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about day 2 of LC:M so would love to hear your opinions on the event!

Dweebs are in!

I have put together the following ensemble as it is stylish, casual & affordable!

Dweeb Outfit

The outfit only comprises of two items, however looks great! The t-shirt is from Topman & has been reduced to £10 (bargain)! It has a nice design as it has taken the trend of having one word such as nerd, geek, dweeb, e.t.c & written it in a neat, flicking handwriting as opposed to the block font that is commonly used for these types of t-shirts. There are points on the sleeves which are attached to the sleeve giving a slight turned up look.

The jeans are stretch skinny jeans simply meaning that they are normal skinny jeans just with more give & stretch in the material. As you can see by the photo, they have a nice dark blue colour making them easier to go with all sorts of colours. They are another bargain costing £30.

The outfit works so well together as you can experiment with styles using these items, for example you could turn the cuffs of the jeans up & turn the sleeves up if you were looking to go for a current style. You could also wear both the cuffs & sleeves unrolled if you wanted to try a different current style. I myself, wore the cuffs & sleeves turned up & a pair of low cut converse to highlight the fact the cuffs of the jeans are turned up.

Let me know what you think of this outfit option!